RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH - Your reliable partner has a new name

Reliable partnerships are one of the constant global economic factors and a surety for a sustainable economic success. We are your partner since many year- and we will stay the same.


A new brand

The only thing that changes is the name that is behind the brand Rauch FT.


From August 1st, 2018 the name "Ing. RAUCH Fertigungstechnik Gmbh" will be replaced by "RAUCH Furnace Technoloqy GmbH". With that formal step we adapt our name to the long international success in our company name - a logic step after 43 years.


All under one name

The re-naming of our company reflects now also our development, "Furnace Technology" is the basis of our success. That is where we will continue to develop new solutions in a proven manner for you and your esteemed company. This is what we are gladly looking for.


All other data (VAT Nr., address, e-mail, WWW-site, bank account, ownershpi structure, ... ) remain the same).