VIG Makina, located in Gebze and Kütahya (Turkey), successfully completed their Magnesium sheet casting project, producing Mg-sheet in widths up to 1500 mm using their Twin Roll Caster and melting equipment from RAUCH.

The work was initiated under the project management by Prof. Dr. Ali Arslan KAYA of Materials Institute of TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council) as a research project funded by the State Planning Organisation of Turkey.

Scope of supply from Rauch included a melting furnace with 1500 kg/h from which the melt is transferred via a siphon to the casting furnace. In this furnace a unique system is installed: the HEADBOX, which is designed and built by RAUCH. Through this headbox the melt is fed to the rolls of the TRC in constant and superb quality.

The equipment was delivered by Rauch in mid 2007 and SOP began recently.

RAUCH would like to thank the whole staff of VIG Making as their continued support and work made the success possible within shortest time.

Mr. Vedat Gungoren, President of VIG Makina, announced that they are now able to supply Mg-sheet in industrial quantities. Mr. Gungoren can be contacted for further details at  Opens window for sending