Pre-announcement MDO250R

After intensive research and development we are adding a new energy efficient product, the Magnesium Dosing Furnace MDO250R, to our manufacturing program. Therefore gas-fired burners are utilized, and with the use of the Recuperator Burner in combination with pre-heated air we can achieve an energy saving up to 30% and the operating cost can be reduced to a minimum.


Advantages of this new technology:


  • Cost efficient heating of the furnace
  • Uniform distribution of the heat exposures for the crucible walls
  • Exhaust gas will be re-used (recuperated)
  • Good controllability through electrical heating of pump chamber
  • Easy access to all components - Long lifetime for all components
  • Spare parts and compatibility of wear parts is ensured
  • ...


At the bottom, you can download the flyer of the new MDO250Reku.