RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH - Your reliable partner has a new name

Reliable partnerships are one of the few constants in a global economy, and a guarantor for sustainable economic success.
For many years, RAUCH Furnace Technology has been this kind of partner for you. And it will stay this way.


A new brand

What is changing is our company name, which stands behind the brand Rauch FT. In summer 2018, "Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik GmbH" became "RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH". This formality meets the need of bringing 43 years of international success into a new company name. After the completion of an intensive restructuring in our warehouse, we can, officially and exclusively, and without hindrance or logistical construction challenges, carry this company name out into the world.

The background of our new name does not only lie in the international character of the company. There is another, much simpler reason for the change. Many clients had complained about the apparent absence of RAUCH Furnance Technology at international trade fairs. In citing the official old name "Ing. Rauch Fertigungstechnik", we were always listed under "I", but looked for under "R". This long-standing challenge has also been met with our new name.


All under one name

In renaming ourselves "RAUCH Furnace Technology GmbH", all our developments could be reflected in our new company name. Furnace technologies are the basis of our success. And that is precisely where we will continue to work on perfect solutions for you and your business, with our proven dependability but under our new company name. We look forward to it.  

All other data (VAT Nr., address, e-mail, WWW-site, bank account, ownershpi structure, ... ) remain the same).