RAUCH Furnace Technology Reku technique: 75 percent cost saving

Breakthrough for the RAUCH Furnace Technology engineering team as regards sustainability and efficiency. While smaller plants have already been running new, energy-efficient recuperation gas burners at lower CO2 emissions, this innovative technology is now also available for the tried and tested RAUCH Furnace Technology's dosing and melting furnaces with
high melting performances. 


Sustainable reintroduction of energy emissions 

The core of this environmentally conscious technology is the reuse of waste heat which the incineration process produces.
This heat is reintroduced into the system and thus reduces the energy demands for the pre-heating of the air in the furnace.
Thanks to an integrated heat exchange, noticeably less gas is needed to warm the air. Based on detailed simulations of heat
and current relationships in the furnace, the burner arrangement was also optimized. Depending on the production site,
RAUCH Furnace Technology clients will now save up to 75 percent in annual energy costs in the melting process when
compared to electrically heated furnaces.


Clear advantage even over conventional cold air burners

Thanks to the significantly more efficient incineration, up to 35 percent can also be saved on cold air burners' combustibles costs - which also represents an immense reduction in in CO2 emissions. At the same time, the removal of waste gases no longer requires a high-temperature resistant chimney. Redirecting the escaped warmth makes the remaining outgoing air considerably cooler.