The latest in successfully installations

of MDO1000E & MVE1000E

A new fully automatic casting cell has been installed at a customer in Canada.  The system includes a Dosing Furnace MDO 1000E and a Pre-warming Unit MVE 1000E from RAUCH.  The MDO 1000 E is an electrically powered one-chamber furnace with a crucible content of 3200 kg Magnesium and a capacity of 1000 kg/hour.

Due to cycle time consideration the loading of the ingot pre-warming unit is done automatic utilizing a standard robot with a special gripper for the ingots.  The electrical heated pre-warming Unit MVE 1000E holds 20 ingots and is pre-warming these ingots to 350 C prior to feeding the MDO through a special designed gate that minimize air entering the furnace.  The ingots pre-warming unit and the furnace are linked to assure ingot is automatically fed on demand. 

Additionally, all process parameters are monitored and analyzed and can be displayed through a visualization system.  The close monitoring of all parameters assures a stable and even part quality throughout the production.