The ability to process Magnesium is becoming increasingly important. RAUCH specialises in the complex requirements of Magnesium in solid and liquid form and it offers individual complete solutions – from co-development through to implementation and follow-up support. Whether it is optimising existing systems or a new project – the expert team at RAUCH provides the decisive edge with the latest research findings and pioneering experience in the Magnesium sector! 

RAUCH systems prove their worth globally with high availability, low energy and maintenance costs and simple handling. Of course, RAUCH systems ensure extremely precise dosing and the highest level of safety. 

In addition to standard applications, RAUCH also provides solutions for sand casting, continuous casting and low-pressure applications.

Preheating furnace MVO

The RAUCH Magnesium preheating furnace MVO is used to dry and heat Magnesium parts like runners, biscuits and rejected die casting parts, etc. Helpful therefor is the usage of a Magnesium prewarming box, in which the parts get prewarmed.

Use of the RAUCH Magnesium preheating furnace:

  • Magnesium parts are placed in boxes into the preheating furnace.
  • In order to receive an even temperature of the material in the specially isolated furnace, electrical heating elements and circulating air are used.
  • The maximum furnace temperature is 430°C.
  • Steel boxes with dimensions up to 1600 x 1600 x 1875 mm (L/W/H) are insertable.

Fire extinguisher system

The RAUCH fire extinguisher system is used for venting of the furnace. It consists of an easily handleable powder extinguisher system that is also very compact.


  • Powder container with 250 kg capacity.
  • Mobile device made from a hot-galvanized frame.
  • Extinguishing sprayer can be operated by hand.

Laboratory furnace MLO

The RAUCH Magnesium laboratory furnace MLO is a flexible system, which is ideal for the continuing innovation in research and development.

The RAUCH MLO enables:

  • Melting and holding of Magnesium alloy.
  • Different crucible sizes in one housing.
  • Use of protective gas during melting and casting.
  • Filling the molds by tilting of the crucible or with a mechanical pump (only for the crucible with 130 kg content available).


  • Electrical heated.
  • Three different crucible sizes insertable into the furnace housing (50, 80 or 130 kg melt content).
  • Three different temperature zones.
  • Pump system for the crucible with 130 kg melt content available, which enables the gravity casting of prototypes with an adjustable filling speed.

Hand ingot casting system

The RAUCH hand ingot casting system is used for casting residual material from molten Magnesium.