The ability to process Magnesium is becoming increasingly important. RAUCH specialises in the complex requirements of Magnesium in solid and liquid form and it offers individual complete solutions – from co-development through to implementation and follow-up support. Whether it is optimising existing systems or a new project – the expert team at RAUCH provides the decisive edge with the latest research findings and pioneering experience in the Magnesium sector! 

RAUCH systems prove their worth globally with high availability, low energy and maintenance costs and simple handling. Of course, RAUCH systems ensure extremely precise dosing and the highest level of safety. 

In addition to standard applications, RAUCH also provides solutions for sand casting, continuous casting and low-pressure applications.

Dosing furnace MDO

RAUCH Magnesium dosing furnaces MDO are the result of consequent implementation of metallurgical awareness and related to practice concepts. In our product range, you will find furnaces up to 1200 kg/h melting rate, which are electrical heated or gas fired.

Our dosing furnaces are characterized by:

  • For several applications insertable.
  • Highest dosing accuracy through modern Mg pump technology up to +/-0,75 %.
  • Maintenance friendly.
  • State of the art safety technology.
  • Operation efficiency and high availability.
  • Long-living and reliable.
  • Individual adaptability of customer requirement.
  • Fully automatic dosing of Mg-melt into the filling chamber.
  • Worldwide in use.

RAUCH dosing furnaces allow:

  • The holding of Mg-alloys under controlled and reliable conditions.
  • The fully automatic dosing of Mg-melt in the shot sleeve of a cold chamber casting machine.
  • The safe operation of the facilities with liquid Magnesium by advanced technology.


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Dosing furnace MDO R with recuperator technology

RAUCH Magnesium dosing furnaces MDO are the answer to the steadily increasing energy prices for electricity. This gas-fired furnace generation achieves up to 30% energy cost savings compared to conventional burners by using preheated combustion air.

The operating cost savings can be up to 80 %, depending on the costs for electrical energy.

As a result:

  • Cost-efficient heating.
  • Uniform heat distribution to the crucible.
  • Exhaust energy is directly used.
  • Good controllability through electrical heating of the pumpchamber.
  • High life-time of the components.
  • Spare- and wear part compatibility to the standard MDO.


  • Design as a two-chamber furnace with melt- and pump chamber.
  • Electrically heated pump chamber.
  • Melt chamber heated with recuperator burners.


  • Constant melt level as well as a stable temperature in the pump chamber, resulting in constant casting conditions.
  • Design as an upward or downward pump system.
  • Shot weights in a range from 0,2 kg to 30 kg and even more.
  • Depending on design, dosing accuracy of ± 0,75 %.


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Ingot prewarming and feeding unit MVE

RAUCH Ingot prewarming and feeding units MVE fulfill the procedural and safety relevant requirement of drying and prewarming of the feed material and a steady and gentle automatical feeding of the smelter plant.

Through the continuous feeding, a steady melt temperature and a constant melt level will be guaranteed.

RAUCH Ingot prewarming and feeding units MVE characterize themselves by:

  • Optimized prewarming process of different ingot sizes.
  • Warming of the ingots to a save core temperature.
  • Optimized automatically feeding of the melting furnace in dependence of the melt level.
  • Space saving design.
  • Installation size from 150 up to 1500 kg/h.
  • Electrical heated or with a heat exchange device, which is heated by the exhausted gas of a gas fired melting furnace.


  • Ingot extension magazine (MVEE) for the stocking up to 25 ingots.
  • Variable assembly through slewable roller conveyor.
  • Movable MVE.


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Ingot robotics MRDS

RAUCH ingot robotics MRDS are used for the fully automatic destacking of ingots and are adapted to the customer requirement.

The main advantages of the concepts are:

  • The fully automatic destacking of Mg-ingot piles.
  • High availability through reliable technology.
  • Automatically detection and destacking of various ingot piles and shapes.
  • Special developed image recognition software.

Characteristics of the MRDS:

    • A protective fence, which is placed around the whole facility, for having a state of the art safety system.
    • Operation and programming by a robot control.
    • The facility (robotic, chain conveyor, lowering device, gripping system and operating system) is coordinated by digital signals.

    Mg Liquid metal transport MFT

    The use of the RAUCH Magnesium liquid metal transport systems MFT in a Magnesium die casting foundry or in a Magnesium recycling facility accord the implementation of a trend-setting energy and rationalization concept and opens essential economic advantages.

    Use of the RAUCH MFT:

    • The melt will be pumped from the melting furnace (MSO) into the electrical heated Magnesium transport container (MSB).
    • The Magnesium transport container will be carried with a forklift to the Magnesium dosing container (MDB).
    • The dosing container at the die casting machine, used as by the liquid metal transport concept, just needs the holding power.

    The main advantages of this concept are:

    • Meltback of class 1 return material, up to 40%.
    • Low space requirements at the die casting machine.
    • Constant melt level in the dosing furnace.
    • Low utility service at the die casting machine.
    • Constant melt temperature in the dosing furnace.
    • Central melting of the whole material quantity in one smelting plant.
    • Batch-wise melt quality control possible.


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    Melting furnace MSO

    The RAUCH Magnesium melting furnace MSO is a gas fired or electrical heated one chamber melting furnace.

    Special characteristics of this furnace technology are:

    • Demand-oriented furnace size with a melting capacity of 650 up to 1200 kg/h.
    • Modular organization through more melting furnaces by higher melting requirement.
    • Fast and steady thermal transfer by using a high-velocity burner.
    • Safe furnace handling by using protective gas in 3 separate atmospheres.
    • Optimized homogeneity of the melt by using a stirring device or a jet pump.
    • Easy transfer of the Magnesium melt in a therefor designed transport container (MSB) via a RPM-regulated dosing pump.
    • Feeding of the melting furnace ingot prewarming and feeding unit (MVE) or by manually/automatically insertion of return material.


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    Melt container MSB

    The RAUCH Magnesium melt container MSB is used to transport or for holding liquid Magnesium alloys.

    The RAUCH MSB was developed for the following tasks:

    • Riskless and safe transport of the liquid Magnesium with a forklift or a crane.
    • Carriage of liquid Magnesium to the casting furnace.
    • Steady feeding by an integrated pump.
    • Low temperature fluctuation by optimized heat output.


    Dosing container MDB

    The RAUCH Magnesium dosing container MDB is a stationary dosing furnace, constantly fed with liquid Magnesium to ensure uniform quality.

    Basic requirement for this system is a central smeltery.

    RAUCH MDB offer:

    • Holding and docking places for up to two melt containers.
    • High dosing capacity by low dosing time up to 5 kg/sec.
    • Fully automatic and steady feeding of the dosing container.
    • High casting capacity at the smallest possible space.

    Our dosing containers characterize themselves through:

    • For various applications insertable.
    • Highest dosing accuracy by modern Mg pump technology up to +/-0,75 %.
    • Maintenance friendly.
    • Safety technology at the state of the art.
    • Operation efficiency and high availability.
    • Long-living and reliable.
    • Individual adaptability of customer requirement.
    • Fully automatic dosing of Mg-melt into the filling chamber.
    • Worldwide in use.

    Maintenance and cleaning station WRS

    The RAUCH maintenance and cleaning station WRS was designed for holding and maintain the melt container (MSB) and the pump systems.

    Types of the RAUCH maintenance and cleaning station:

    • By using a platform, ergonomic cleaning of the melt container possible.
    • Holding function during the whole cleaning procedure.
    • Separate denitriding-, prewarming container for various pump systems.
    • Protective gas during the cleaning and maintenance process given.


    • Simple handling.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Good accessibility.