Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals save costs and weight. Whether in the automotive sector, in aerospace or in the IT industry, the need for parts made from non-ferrous metals is continuously increasing! Various alloys and methods are used to produce superior products – in this respect, RAUCH is a reliable partner with a broad range of products and profound know-how in the processing of Aluminium, lead and a large number of other non-ferrous metals. 

With regard to gravity casting and low-pressure casting, the universally applicable melting furnaces, containers and dosage systems developed by RAUCH impress with powerful technology from the Magnesium sector. Due to the many processing possibilities of lead, the melting experts at RAUCH have also developed a wide range of internal rotary and machine furnaces. 

Aluminium crucible furnace ATO

RAUCH Aluminium crucible furnaces ATO enable the melting of Aluminium ingots. 

RAUCH Aluminium crucible furnaces enable:

  • Complete melting treatment for Aluminium.
  • Realization of low-pressure casting.
  • Easy transport of the melt.

Advantages of the RAUCH ATO:

  • Electric or gas fired furnace.
  • Ceramic SiC crucible.
  • Transport by means of heat-resistant steel cage.



Aluminium melting container ASB

The RAUCH Aluminium melting container ASB was created for the safe transport of molten Aluminium. 

The Rauch Aluminium melting container was developed for the following tasks:

  • Carriage of molten Aluminium to the casting furnace.
  • Continuous feeding via integrated pump.
  • Low temperature fluctuations due to optimized heating power.
  • Safe and secure transport of liquid Aluminium by forklift or crane.