Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals save costs and weight. Whether in the automotive sector, in aerospace or in the IT industry, the need for parts made from non-ferrous metals is continuously increasing! Various alloys and methods are used to produce superior products – in this respect, RAUCH is a reliable partner with a broad range of products and profound know-how in the processing of Aluminium, lead and a large number of other non-ferrous metals. 

With regard to gravity casting and low-pressure casting, the universally applicable melting furnaces, containers and dosage systems developed by RAUCH impress with powerful technology from the Magnesium sector. Due to the many processing possibilities of lead, the melting experts at RAUCH have also developed a wide range of internal rotary and machine furnaces. 

Low-pressure furnace MNO

The RAUCH Magnesium low-pressure furnace MNO impresses with its simple handling without crucible pressurization.

RAUCH Magnesium low-pressure furnaces MNO are characterized by:

  • State-of-the-art safety technology.
  • Cost efficiency and high availability for use.
  • Durability and reliability.

Advantages of the RAUCH MNO:

  • Crucible without pressurization.
  • Continuous feeding of the furnace by means of ingot or grain refinement.
  • Constant and easy cleaning option during operation.
  • Simple maintenance and repair of heating without removal of the crucible.
  • Installation with an agitator or a melt accelerator possible, which reduces segregations.
  • Reduction of oxide formation by constant melting bath mirror.

Magnesium Low-pressure casting system NGS

With the Magnesium low-pressure casting system developed by RAUCH, the Magnesium casting industry is being offered a cost-efficient alternative to the conventional low-pressure technology using gas-pressure for the production of Mg parts, especially for parts such as thick-walled parts that have been difficult to cast until now. 

RAUCH low-pressure casting enables:

  • Transport of molten material using a Magnesium pump from the melting crucible into the mold.
  • Filling according to pre-programmed process.
  • Creation of a recast over several minutes to ensure mold is supplied during solidification.
  • Measurement of the melting pressure in the riser pipe, measurement of piston force and path as well as measurement of the melting level in the crucible are incorporated into the control of the pump and recast piston; this ensures reliable process control and therefore consistent part quality.

The main advantages are:

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Higher strength values through low-pressure mold filling, near that of forged parts.
  • Gravity and sand-casting procedures applicable.
  • Turbulence-free mould filling, which means a pore-free structure.
  • Narrow mould channels also fillable without gas pockets.


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Low-pressure casting Al | Mg

RAUCH low-pressure casting systems Al/Mg are a further development of the Magnesium low-pressure casting systems and implemented for the simple alternation of Magnesium and Aluminium castings. 

Design of the RAUCH low-pressure casting systems Al/Mg:

  • Furnace system, electric or gas fired depending on version.
  • Steel crucible for Magnesium.
  • Ceramic SiC crucible for Aluminium.
  • Inert gas or salt operation modes for Magnesium applications.
  • Various dosing systems for Aluminium / Magnesium available.


  • Fast switching between Magnesium and Aluminium.
  • Complete melting treatment of Magnesium and Aluminium.
  • Realization of low-pressure casting and gravity casting.
  • Can be used for gravity casting via conversion.