The ability to process Magnesium is becoming increasingly important. RAUCH specialises in the complex requirements of Magnesium in solid and liquid form and it offers individual complete solutions – from co-development through to implementation and follow-up support. Whether it is optimising existing systems or a new project – the expert team at RAUCH provides the decisive edge with the latest research findings and pioneering experience in the Magnesium sector! 

RAUCH systems prove their worth globally with high availability, low energy and maintenance costs and simple handling. Of course, RAUCH systems ensure extremely precise dosing and the highest level of safety. 

In addition to standard applications, RAUCH also provides solutions for sand casting, continuous casting and low-pressure applications.

Re-Melting System RSA

Since, from experience, recycled materials are required in the same amount as die casting parts in a die casting foundry, we offer various re-melting processes.
Around 80% of recycled material is assigned to return class 1, which can be cleaned in a continuous salt-free re-melting process. The rest of the recycled material is generally contaminated, thus it is subject to salt and gas refining for the batch re-melting process.
During this re-melting process, alloy analyses and corrections are planned. Both processes require loading with small-size goods.
The crushing of the recycled material should take place in the die-casting machine in order to reduce the transport volume and simplify the material handling and pre-heating. 

Individual components:

  • Individual components are also available due to our large range and various system designs.


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Alloying System MLA

Rauch Magnesium Alloying Systems MLA offer the perfect solution for salt-free or salt-based melting and alloying.

Rauch Magnesium Alloying Systems enable:

  • The targeted modification of material properties and quality results on the basis of new applications of lightweight construction casting materials.
  • The alloying of Magnesium melt and securing the developmental edge.

The most important advantages:

  • Simple transportation of alloy components, with prior and subsequent material testing.
  • Salt and/or gas purification.
  • Final finish in holding furnace.
  • Recording of alloying process and batch documentation.
  • Alloying furnace and systems can be modularly extended and thus easily adapted to the required capacity.

Individual components:

  • Individual components are also available from our large range and various system designs.


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Chips Press SPV

The RAUCH Chips Press SPV enables the thermal compression of Magnesium chips.

Rauch Chips Presses SPV enables:

  • The stockpiling of Magnesium chips takes place through a funnel-shaped feed.
  • The various forms and sizes of chips are turned into a process-optimised shape through an additional shredder module.
  • The reliable pre-drying of the chips takes place by means of an electrically heated pre-heating line.
  • The chips are formed into pellets through thermal compression, which have almost the same density ratio as an ingot.


  • Elimination of costly storage of chips.
  • Pellets can be safely stored and transported and re-melted with the highest yield of material.
  • The chip press can be modularly extended and thus easily adapted to the required capacity.
  • Re-melting with highest yield of material due to thermal compression of chip material in contrast to conventional purely mechanical compression.


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Magnesium Conveyor Belt MFB

The RAUCH Magnesium Conveyor Belt MFB serves to feed the Magnesium crucible furnace MTO with Magnesium scrap.


  • Magnesium scrap and return material is collected in a collection funnel and transported directly to the crucible furnace MTO via a inclining conveyor.
  • Multiple crucible furnaces can be loaded via the movable conveyor.
  • Process-optimised and batch loading of the system with Magnesium scrap.

Crucible furnace MTO

The RAUCH Magnesium Crucible Furnace MTO serves to melt Magnesium scrap or ingots.
The MTO is available in various sizes with a crucible capacity of 600 to 2500 kg. 

The RAUCH MTO is characterised by:

  • Fuel or electrically heated crucible furnace.
  • Equipped with high-speed burners and additional cooling function, for the proper implementation of the recycling process.
  • Protection of the melt against oxidation (burning) and cleaning by means of cover/cleaning salt (flux).
  • Extraction of liquid melt takes place by tilting the crucible furnace, usually in a holding furnace MWO, or by means of an electromechanical pump.
  • Special exhaust hood, so that salt vapours cannot enter the plant environment. 

Suitable for the re-melting of:

  • Class 1, class 2 and higher
  • Chips (after thermal compression, dry, clean)
  • Dross (after pre-treatment, dry, clean)

Holding Furnace MWO

The Rauch Magnesium Holding Furnace MWO has been specifically developed for the preparation of liquid Magnesium melt in batch operation for further processing, e.g. casting of ingots, continuous casting, etc.


  • Electrically heated Magnesium holding furnace MWO.
  • Available melt 600 to 2000 kg.
  • Extraction of melt by means of electromechanical dosing pump.
  • Melt surface covered with protective gas in order to ensure safe handling of the alloy.

Ingot Casting Conveyor MMGB

The RAUCH Magnesium Ingot Casting Conveyor MMGB enables the reliable casting of various ingot sizes.


  • Electrical or gas-fired pre-heating/cooling of ingot moulds.
  • Casting capacity between 60 and 120 ingots per hour.
  • Prevention of oxidation of decanted Magnesium melt by means of a protective gas covering and pass-through a tunnel filled with protective gas during the cooling phase.
  • Automatic demoulding of ingot at the end of the conveyor in a sheet trap.
  • Fill level sampling takes place with a conductive probe when filling the ingot moulds.
  • Automatic oiling of the drive train.
  • Ingot moulds with customer-specific logo or company name upon request.
  • Casting of ingots with a weight between 4 and 12 kg.

Ingot Robot System MRPS

The RAUCH Ingot Robot System MRPS is a robot system for stacking Magnesium ingots.

Functioning of the RAUCH MRPS:

  • The ingots are fed from the ingot casting conveyor to the robot system in a controlled manner.
  • The robot picks up the ingot and stacks it based on a programmed scheme.
  • The ingot pallet is transported from the work area upon completion.


  • The system is surrounded by a protective fence in order to ensure the highest level of safety.
  • The operation and programming takes place via a robot control system.
  • A strapping and packaging unit is also optionally available.
  • Individual adjustment of Ingot Robot Systems MRPS to customer needs.